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Thirteen Reasons Why is a young adult novel written in by Jay Asher. It is the story of a young high school student as she descends into despair brought on by betrayal and bullying, culminating with her suicide.

She details the thirteen reasons why in an audio diary which was mailed to.

Thirteen Reasons Why

At its core, 13 Reasons Why is a study in how we treat one another. It examines the “small” aggressions we commit that cause unthinkable pain, and the larger ones that become even more painful. Nov 22,  · What is problematic in Thirteen Reasons Why is the impression the book gives that the explanation is transparent, and can be summed up in the actions of thirteen Status: Resolved.

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Chapter Summaries. Sitemap. Book Summary‎ > ‎ Chapter Summaries. Cassette 1: Side A. Hannah Baker has sent out a set of tapes to 13 people to explain the 13 reasons why she killed herself. Clay Jensen is the next person to get the tapes.

The first person on the tapes is Justin Foley.

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She said the reason he is actually on. 13 Reasons Why Essay By: Breigh Harrison Reasons behind a death can’t always stay a secret. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher is an eerie story of the reasons behind Hannah Bakers suicide.

Justin Foleys lies opened the door for rumours to pour put.

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