Essay on non conventional energy resources

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Essay on Non-Conventional Energy Sources of Energy

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Essay on Non-Conventional Energy Sources of Energy

The panic of petrol of literature proved a poorly. Focusing on two energy options; conventional and nuclear energy; the review compares them based on a set of sustainability indicators including, but not limited to, the environment, economics, ethics, expertise requirements, technical information, health, safety, uncertainty and government funding.

Non-conventional energy using foot step is converting mechanical energy into the electrical energy. we have used the technique of power generation through footsteps as a source of renewable energy that we can obtained while walking on to the certain arrangements like footpaths, stairs, plate forms and these systems can be install elsewhere.

Among the renewable energy sources, biomass plays a vital role especially in rural areas, as it constitutes the major energy source to majority of households in India. Biomass energy is the utilization of organic matter present and can be utilized for various applications.

Energy Source Information. Rider University has developed a list of five criteria for evaluating any energy source, including non-renewable sources. Availability - Is the energy source available and for how long? Fifteen years is considered to be near, fifteen to fifty years is intermediate, and over fifty years is considered to be long.

We will write a custom essay sample on Sustainable Use of Natural Resources specifically for you. for only $/page. Order Now. Solar energy is the 2nd type of renewable energy that was mentioned in this essay.

Solar energy is the 2nd most common type of renewable energy. Importance of Non Conventional Energy by Shanavaz Khan. New strategy emphasies greater reliance on non-exhaustible and non-conventional sources of energy so as to conserve exhaustible conventional resources like coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.

That is why efforts are being made to promote the development and use of non-convenĀ­tional sources of energy.

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